• Can I take any course, in any order?

    Yes. The Academy is designed to be super easy for anyone to use. Pick a course that interests you and dive in.

  • Do I need to finish a course in one session?

    No way. The Academy is self-paced so you can learn as much, or as little, as you want on your schedule.

  • Is the Marist Poll Academy free?

    Absolutely! We believe these tools are so important we want everyone to have access. We are developing more advanced courses for future release that may incur a small registration fee.

  • Can I learn on my phone or tablet?

    Yes you can. The Academy is accessible on any internet-connected device. We generally recommend a computer or tablet (like an iPad) because the larger screen means less squinting! But if your eyes are up for it, log in on your iPhone or Android and start learning!